Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lydia is Two Months Old!

My sweet baby girl is two months old!! At her doctor's appointment she was 23-1/2" long (90th precentile) and 14.8 pounds (greater than 98th percentile). She wears 3-6 month clothes or 6 months.

She is an abolstule delight! She only cries if she is hungry, not even for a dirty diaper! She is the smiliest thing and all I have to go is look at her to get her to smile! Such a Momma's girl already! 

I love these bathtub pcitures. I love seeing her sweet tummy grow and add rolls to those thighs! She gains about a pound a week, so she quickly grew out of baths in the sink! 

Sweet Daddy cuddles!

This is thelast time I bathed her in the sink. Not a lot of room! 

You are sleeping anywhere from 5-8 hour stretches. You eat every three hours during the day. You fall asleep or fuss during tummy time, you are just not a fan! You love bing held and that is what you get 90% of the time!

I love you fancy pants!!

2 comments: said...

Such a cute chubby baby! I love all of those pictures!
Melanie @

Brettni Brumfield said...

Ahhhhh-Dorable! Fancy Pants!! I love that too!!