Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lydia is 9 Months!

Lydia you are 9 months old!!! We went to the doctor this month and you are 24.2 pounds and 30 " tall. You wear 24 months clothes and a size 4 diaper. I don't know what size shoes you wear because you don't wear any! One less thing I have to keep up with! You are big and chubby and adorable!

You big accomplishment this month was clapping! And you did it for the first time while Granny and Papa were here for the weekend! You were so proud of yourself. 

Your only real words right now are still Mama and Dada, but you make a lot of other sounds. You love to blow raspberries and spit bubbles!

Your favorite toy this month has been the blinds. You love to shake them and bend them and try to break them! You also think it is funny when I tell you no! Goodness, I hope that is not a sign of things to come!

You still do not do a "normal" crawl. You have perfected the military crawl and seem to have no intention of correcting it. You also do not pull up yet. When I hold your hands to make you stand I can tell you are so strong. You have the ability, but not the want to. Hey girl, if I am being honest I am going to tell you not to. It is still relatively easy to keep you contained. You are not trying to crawl up the stairs so I don't have to worry about baby gates and such. You are so cuddly and love to just sit in Momma's lap. If I am out of sight though you fall to pieces.

Which brings me to my next point. Your stranger danger is still out of control. The church nursery is almost non-existent these days. You do not want anyone to hold you. If I stay close you may let someone hold you for a minute or two, but not long. 

It could have something to do with your top two teeth that came in this month. Yep, you now have four teeth! You still eat a lot of table food and some baby food. Your sisters have been helping me with feeding you and it helps out so much! I think you like it too! 

Puff on your head! 

You LOVE bath time! You love to splash the water and trow a fit when it is time to get it. Complete with screaming and back arching! Uh oh!

 You are just a doll baby! I can't get enough of you.


Brettni Brumfield said...

That adorable face playing with the blinds is the best! And the stranger danger thing is still hilarious to me. But bless her heart. =)

purpun said...

Lydia is so so sweet! Love your blog!

@Dayngr said...

I remember when you were the Three Calhouns! It's been too long since I visited but so nice to see how things have changed. xo - @Dayngr