Monday, September 7, 2015

Colorado Family Vacation - Part 1

Once again my family headed off to Colorado this Summer for a fun vacation. This years destination was Ouray, Colorado...16 hours away...with three kids...and an 11 month old!!! (What were we thinking!) The first day we drove to Amarillo and spent the night. The girls were so glad to get out of the car, but since it was 9:30 it was time to go to bed and get back at it in the morning. 

The next morning we left at 7 a.m. to head to Durango. We met my parents in Bloomfield, New Mexico and gave them two two biggest girls. We were headed to Durango, but my parents were going with my sister and her family to Mesa Verde, Colorado.

 The girls got to explore the old Indian villages with my parents. Of course the had a blast and Granny got them T-shirts, books, and stuffed animals.

We spent the day walking around downtown Durango and did a little shopping. My brother and sister-in-law were going to meet us for dinner and every restaurant we went to had over an hour wait. Then a sudden downpour had us trapped under an awning with no sign of relief. We called my brother and he picked us up. When we went to jump in his backseat we saw there were car seats so Trey and I wedged ourselves in the boys seat! That was fun! We ended up at IHOP. That was the very first time I have ever eaten at IHOP! 

After we left Durango we went to Purgatory. We had a BLAST!! 

We bought a pass so the girls could do 5 rides each. The first thing we did was the Alpine slide. I rode with Ella and Trey rode with Layla. Mom and Dad kept Lydia. You ride up the mountain on the ski lift and get on a sled and ride down a concrete slide back down to the bottom of the mountain. The girls were more nervous jumping on the moving sky lift and riding up than they were the slide. 

Next up was the trampolines. 

Ella was a little more nervous that the dare-devil, Layla. 

She wanted to go as high as you could go! She did this "ride" twice and on her second time she did a back flip!! No fear!

They also did the big balls and played on top of the water. This looked like a good work out. 

And a little rock climbing wall. 

And sweet little Lydia just hung out and played and looked adorable...what she does best. It was such a fun time. After we were all worn out we headed out to Ouray...and I prayed on multiple occasions for God to give me peace because those roads were no joke! 


Chelsea said...

WOW looks like a blast!! That would be a long car ride...

Andrea C. said...

You had never eaten at IHOP before!?!? lol