Thursday, September 17, 2015

Colorado Vacation - Part 2

After a day of playing at the ski resort at Purgatory we headed to Ouray. This is where I though Trey was going to stroke out!! It was a two lane highway on the side of the mountain with sharp turns, no guard rails, and at time the speed limit was 10 mph. It was beautiful if you could get over the fact that one veer to the side could send you to your death! No big deal!! =)

When we finally got to town we were able to relax. Colorado towns just have the cutest little stores and shops. They are all so old and have such beautiful architecture.

 Our cabin was about 15 minutes outside of town and tucked away. It didn't look like much from theoutside, but the inside was beautiful.

We got unpacked and settled in. We were up early the next morning and ready to go four wheeling. We went to Yankee Boy Basin and had a great time. We stopped for a picnic by the stream and let the kids play for a while. 

All the old mines and beautiful scenery are a photographers delight!

Trey stayed with the kids down at the stream and the rest of us went to the top of Yankee Boy. It is filled with wild flowers, which of course I didn't get any pictures of, and had beautiful views. Sad my little family stayed down and I didn't get a picture with them.

We went back down, got the rest of the crew and decided to drive up Governor Basin. It was pretty steep and narrow. Ella was riding with me and we had a fun time talking. 

It was beautiful at the top!

After a while we headed back down. This little one had a hard time staying awake!!

I love that my girls get to experience such a fun time riding four wheelers, climbing to the tops of snow covered mountains, playing in the dirt and getting messy. We were all covered in dirt after that trip and my mouth was filled with it! We went back to the cabin to rest and head out for more adventures!


Amanda said...

The cabin is beautiful!!!! And the Colorado scenery - even more beautiful!! I love that yall are wearing long sleeves in these pics in the Summer! I'm so glad you had a great time!!

Brettni Brumfield said...

I would've been freaking out over those narrow roads too! Eek! But what a beautiful place to vacation with the family. =)

Can't believe this upcoming weekend is about to happen! WHOO-HOO!!!