Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ella's 7th Birthday Party

I can not believe that Ella is SEVEN years old. She turned 7 on January 6th, and we usually wait a week or two to have her birthday party because it is so close to Christmas. This year we had it on January 15th. We have done Chuck E Cheese, Urban Air, Bounce houses, and I wanted to do something different. She is such a little artist, I suggested a painting party and she loved it. I let her invite 6 little friends, I didn't want to have to keep an eye on 15 6-7 year old with pain in my house!

I let her look on the internet to see what she wanted to do and we ended up with a butterfly. I drew a butterfly on all of the canvases. It made it easier for the girls that way.

I put Pandora on the tv so while they were painting they were all singing and occassionally got up for a dance break! Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry...a typical 7 year olds playlist! 

These girls are all into Minster High and Shopkins right now. Several of them have January birthdays and each time the theme is always consistent. Makes present buying easy! 

I LOVE that Layla got right up in there. She thinks if Ella is doing it she can too. That girl is a mess!!

I am so thankful that Ella has a great little group of friends. Most of them live in our neighborhood and I know their parents. which always helps. Happy 7th Birthday to my first baby! You are a delight and a blessing in every way!!

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Brettni Brumfield said...

Happy Birthday, Elle! I don't blame you one bit for keeping the party small. I'd be a nervous wreck with 15 kids + paint in my house too!