Friday, August 12, 2016

Belly and Maternity Pictures

I did a horrible job of taking belly pictures this go round. I would always tell myself to take them Sunday mornings after we got home from church, bu I was always so tired I would come home and go straight to taking a nap and would wake up and forget. 

March 15

May 10

May 31
June 6
June 27

July 4
July 6

July 11

July 17

I am so proud of myself for doing maternity pictures though. At this point I was 36 weeks pregnant and was just over it and didn't really want to get everyone dressed and deal with the tripod and remote, but I did it and I love them! 

July 23

July 24

July 25

I made Trey take this picture the night we checked into the hospital to be induced. My last belly pic! 36 weeks 6 days. 

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