Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Loralei Elizabeth Is Here

I went for my 36 week sonogram thinking that, like all my other sonograms, the doctor would tell me Loralei was healthy, I was healthy, show me some pictures and I would go home. To my surprise though, what I found out was that she had flipped and was now breech. Uhh! I had a history of high blood pressure that sets in a 37 weeks and I have my babies early, so I knew I was on a time crunch for her to flip. I went home and googled 'how to get baby to flip' and spent the rest of my weekend upside down or inverted with my pelvis in the air to get her to turn. 

My sonogram doctor told me to go see my doctor and discuss manually turning her. I went in for my 36 week check up at 36 weeks, 6 days. My doctor had been out of town, so I was scheduled to see her the first day she was back. I had to see her, then go back to my sonogram doctor to she is she had flipped or not. I f she hadn't flipped, he was gong to manually flip her. Trey went with me because he also told me that it could send me in to labor, so to be prepared. My parents came to keep the girls just in case. Although I just knew I would go in, she would be head down, and we would go home.  I checked into the doctor's office, waited and waited, the peed in the cup, got weighed, and got my blood pressure taken. At this point I had only gained 20 pounds even. I was really aiming to stay under 25. As soon as I saw the scale I knew something was up. I had gained 7 pounds in less than a week. I knew it meant preeclampsia, just like my last two pregnancies, they did my blood pressure and it was 152/92. My normal is 120/70. My doctor came in and told me I wasn't going home and I was going to have the baby the next day. 

I still had to go get a sonogram to see if she had turned, and Praise the Lord she had!!! They watched her practice breathing for a while to make sure she would be okay. Then, they told me to check in to L&D at 10:00 to start cervidil and get ready to have her. 

They got me all hooked up and ready to go, now we just waited. At around 8:00 a.m. all of a sudden the lights went out in our room. Well, there was a power outage at the hospital and the emergency generators cam on, but the only lights that was the big pull down light they use during delivery. Also...no air conditioning!!! My sweet nurse found a floor fan and brought it in to my room. She was sweating!!

They broke my water at about 10:30 and my contractions got super painful really quickly. The anesthesiologist came in and was a little nervous about doing it with only the bright light, because if the shadows and just then the power came back on and we had lights! I was so relieved!!

I spent the next little bit with my leg in the air and a birthing ball in between them to try and get her out of my right hip and into the birthing canal. I could feel the intense pain when she moved and my epidural wasn't working on my right side, so they anesthesiologist came in and gave me more drugs. That caused me to be completely dead from the waist down. I couldn't even wiggle my toes, but the pain was gone! I quickly progressed to a 10 and Loralei was born at 3:57. I pushed through two contractions and she was here! As soon as they put her on me she peed on me!

Oh my Heavens, I am in love!

We spent the next hour and a half nursing, she did great! Then we were off to our suite.

I HAVE to put on normal clothes as soon as I get to my room. It just makes me feel better. I hate having on a gown and worrying about keeping my legs together and my it is awful to nurse in one of those. You practically have to be undressed.

We spent one more night in the hospital and then got to go home to next day. I was soooo ready to see my other babies.


Amanda said...

I didn't know the electricity went out! Goodness! We are so thrilled for you friend and love Loralei so very much!! And you look gorgeous in all these pics!!

Brettni Brumfield said...

Oh my! No a/c?!! You're a trooper, Mama!

Loralei is completely perfect and beautiful. I wish I could snuggle her. Hope you're getting some rest.

purpun said...

Welcome Loralei! Such a beautiful girl with an equally beautiful name!
And that photo of your four (!) children. Absolutely heart-stopping!