Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ella is 18 Months!

Okay, so she turned 18 months old on the 6th, I am just a little behind!

Ella, I can not believe you are a year and a half old! My goodness, the next thing I know you will be two! You are just the most precious girl and you light up my life! You DEFINITELY have a STRONG personality! You know what you like and what you don't and are very vocal about it! You are also a little ham and enjoy being the center of attention (again, I just don't have any idea where you get these traits from! =) ) You are not afraid of anyone or anything and you are so adventurous. You have a deep belly laugh and I just love to hear it.
You are now wearing a size 7 shoe. You still wear size 24 month clothes, but we are about to move  up since things are getting too short. You are soooo tall. You are bigger that most of the two year olds you are friends with. You have really slimmed down though because you are growing and because you run everywhere. You wear Momma out chasing you around! We don't go to the doctor until August, so I don't know your official height and weight yet.

Your hair is getting longer and you ave some serious bed head when you wake up in the mornings. You still wake up at about 9:30 and you go to bed at 10:00. You only nap once a day, but you nap for three hours!
Your favorite TV show is Yo Gabba Gabba. Really that is the only show you will sit still for and truly watch. You love to get up and dance when they are dancing. You spread out your arms and say "Yo Yo Yo" when the show comes on like DJ Lance does and you tell them Bye Bye when they are over.

You still love to read books every night and you even read to yourself now. I love to listen to you just jabber and turn the pages.
You say so many words now. You say a new word everyday and I just love watching you learn. You use about thirty words regularly, but can say way more than that. You can also count to three. I learned this when I just started counting one day and you finished it for me! You love to make animal sounds, but your favorite animal is the dog.
You are very ticklish and I love getting you. You will ask me to tickle you too! You also love to play chase and have also started hiding and love to be found. You go behind the curtains and stay very still and don't move a muscle and you laugh so hard when Momma finds you. You keep finding new hiding places though and sometimes Momma gets a little worried!

You dance anytime you hear music. Girl has got some rhythm!
Your Mom and Dad love you so much! You are just so amazing, fun, beautiful, sweet and funny!


Kimberly said...

beautiful pictures!

Sarah @HarriganHowdy said...

Aww! So sweet. Time is flying, isn't it?! Adorable photos of your sweet baby girl. :) I have a feeling when I see her again, she will look so much bigger. XOXO!