Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Permanently Packed Suitcase?

I am starting to think I should just leave my suitcase permanently packed I have been to Wichita soooo much this Summer. I just returned from another trip there. This time, it was to attend my Uncle's funeral. My sister, her (almost) 4 year old son, my brother and sister-in-law, and their 10 month old son, and me and Ella were all in town. Talk about a crowd for one house! My parent's loved having all their kids and grandkids in town at once though.

While we were all there, we also celebrated by Mom's birthday.

All of us kids got together and bought her new bedding and paint to re-do one of her guest bedrooms. I also volunteered to come down one weekend and paint it for her.

Caleb helping her open her presents.
We also got her a large rug for her living room, a rug runner for her hallway, and a rug for her back door. Dad bought her hard wood floors which should be finished being installed today!! Man, am I jealous!! =)
Saturday night our friends, Brooke and James Fouts, came over to Trey's parents house. Their little boy Blake will be two in August and is the spitting image of his Daddy. They played and had a good time.

Until Blake got one of Ella's maracas her Uncle Zachary got for her in Mexico. She did not want to share. Luckily she is easily distracted with Gold Fish!
My Mom and I went shopping Saturday afternoon and got her this cute little outfit! She looks so grow up. And her pigtails and getting more and more full. Not just a sprig of hair anymore.
She loves her babies!

Blake and Ella were so fun to watch. They started to crawl into her babies bed, but we weren't sure it would hold 65+ pounds, but sure enough it did.
They had a great time rocking back and forth.

We had a good time visiting with James and Brooke and can't wait to meet baby Fouts #2!
I have now been back at home for two days and am sadly preparing to make another trip. My sister-in-law's (Trey's brother's wife, Lindsey) Mom passed away this morning after a battle with lung cancer. Lindsey is my age (27) and that is just too young to loose your Mother. Please keep them in your prayers!


Rachel said...

I can't imagine losing my mother at 27.... horrible. I'll be praying!!

Blake really does look just like daddy doesn't he?! Cute little guy!! (Blake that is!!)

Anonymous said...
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Brooke said...

Aww such cute pics! These two were a mess! Ella is such a doll and I’m so glad that we got to see the Calhoun family!