Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas here at our house. When Ella was little Trey and I said that we would always have Christmas morning at our house. That is what both of us did as little kids and we want the same for our kids. It was so sweet watching Ella wake up and see her toys in front of the tree. We had some toys open and sitting out and some for her to play with.

She loved her Mickey Mouse. She is going through a Mickey stage right now and just loves him.

She got a Mrs. Potato head from Toy Story and Play Doh and a Dora coloring book with over 700 stickers. Guess how many are on my coffee table right now?!
She also got this little Crayola coloring thing. The faster you color the fast the music plays. She loves to color!

Reading her new Mickey Mouse book with her new Mickey.
The rest of my family came over for lunch. All Ella could talk about all week was Hunter, Caleb and Uncle John. She usually goes on and on about Granny and Papa, but her cousins were on her mind this time. And her Uncle John loves to play with the kiddos and they all love him.
Hunter came in wearing a Santa hat and Trey had some in his truck so all the kids wore them. Ella kept hers on for a long time! She kept saying Ho, Ho, Ho!
Sweet Hunter with his Papa. Do they look alike or what??
Not to be left out, Trey put on a Santa hat! He might get mad at me for this one!
Ella and my sister Corey.
Hunter took over Ella's job from last year. He would rather sit on his boxes than open the presents.
Ella also got this art easel from her Granny and Papa. She has loved drawing on the chalk board and playing with the magnets.
Aunt Jennie and Uncle Kyle, or Uncle Moo as Ella calls him, got her the cutest Disney Belle dress and Beauty and the Beast movie. She looks like a doll!
Papa and his thee grandkids. Next year there will be two more added to this picture. Our baby girl is coming in May and my brother Kyle is having another baby in July. I can't wait! I hope those two love each other as much as Ella and Hunter do.
Granny got in on the picture.
Our attempt at the whole family. Ella and Caleb weren't cooperating too much!
My amazing hubby and sweet, sweet girl! I love these two!
After a busy day, we cleaned house again because it was a wreck after all those presents and prepared for Trey's family to come the next day. Ella's Grandma and Grandad got her this cute kitchen. It even makes a boiling noise when you put a pot on the stove. We have had a lot of fun cooking in her kitchen.
Ella and Grandma playing.

Wearing her Uncle Zachary's sunglasses.

I didn't do too good taking pictures this day because I was so tired! Ella got the cutest light up Disney princess suitcase from her Great Grandmother and a Little Mermaid tricycle from her Aunt Mary Kate and Uncle Zachary and a sock monkey from her Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Shane. Plus, many many more things! We are so blessed to have the families we do and Ella is one spoiled little girl! I wouldn't have it any other way though!

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