Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ella's 2nd Birthday Party!

We had Ella's second birthday party on Saturday at our house. We kept it simple again this year and only invited family, but trust me, the girl got enough presents!!! My mom and I got her her "big girl" bedding that will go on her bed once we convert it to a full size bed, so I based the party's color scheme on her bedding, well and her outfit! I painted this painting to go in her room. I love the way it turned out!! You saw the picture in the frame in the last post, her being all sassy!

I LOVE her cake!!!! I found a picture of a cake and gave it to someone to make and she did it PERFECT!! This is the second time I have used her and she does such an awesome job and her cakes are sooo good! I was sad to have to cut it. I wanted to just leave it the way it was!!

Me and my sweet girl!

Ella and her Daddy. 

Ella ad her Granny and Papa. She was posing and smiling until I got my camera! Then she got distracted, oh well, it is still cute.
Birthday girl with her cake. Her Uncle John was behind the camera trying to get her to take a bite of the cake or put her finger it in. She was getting tickled!

We all sang happy birthday to her and she has been singing it to herself every day since! She is so funny! 

The balloons were a big hit with the kiddos. I think Hunter wins to award for most obsessed with the balloons. He was precious! He even put a balloon in Ella's doll stroller and pushed it around.

Ella got SO many presents. I asked my sister to get her a Dora doll. Right now she is obsessed with Dora and Mickey. This Dora sings happy birthday and Ella loves it. We have to hold Dora while we watch her on tv.

Notice I bought her a baby Alive and it is sitting in my lap. She didn't really care too much about it and still doesn't fuss with it to much. Her friend Jalie has one and she just about had a heart attack the other day when we left Jalie's house and she couldn't take the baby with us. I thought, oh I will get her one..and NOTHING! She could care less. I guess I need to invite Jalie over to our house with her doll and Ella will like hers! =)

Her Aunt Jennie got her this precious Minnie Mouse. Now she has a Minnie and a Mickie and we always make them dance to hot dog dance. Her Minnie is way better than her Mickie though and so soft a cuddly. She has slept with Minnie several nights now.

Her Grandma and Grandad got her a table and chairs and all the little ones loved sitting at it. Poor Hunter fell over in a chair though, so that ended the fun for him. 

What would a party be without high heels? Well, Ella got two pairs!

She walked away with bedding, three new dolls, lots of clothes, high heels, a real tea set, a Barbie four wheeler and tons more stuff that I can't even think about. Most importantly she had a blast with her cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Thank you so much to all of our family for making Ella's second birthday party so much fun for her and her parents!

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Amanda said...

Fun Birthday Party! So glad that you love Melody's cakes! She's so talented! Happy Birthday Ella!