Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Ella!

Happy birthday to my sweet baby girl, Ella, who turned TWO today! What an amazing, tiring, exhausting, fun two years it has been. You are so sweet, precious, sassy, ornery and strong willed all at the same time! Picture above, sweet and sassy. Picture below, stubborn and ornery. This is you telling me "No, momma!". You bend down and point that finger and say it with such force. I do get on to you and give your butt a little swat, but inside all I want to do is laugh.

I love that you still want to cuddle with me and are the best little cuddle bug! Every morning we watch a cartoon and you sit right next to me on the sofa with my rm around you all nuzzled under my arm. If I try to get up you say "Sit momma!". I love that you want me to be with you and love on you.

We changed you crib into a toddler bed and you had no problem at all. I had serious doubt about it and told your Daddy that I just knew the next morning there would be toys everywhere and I had no idea what you would get into, but I was wrong. You went right to bed, jumped in, laid your head down and said "Night night." Every night we say our prayers and sing Jesus Loves Me and I tell you I love you and you say "I luh you too momma." It melts my heart to hear you say those words!

You are obsessed with your babies and we have 5 in the car with us at all times! Any time we get out of the car to go into store we must take a baby with us. Recently you have started singing Jesus Loves Me to your babies and Rock-a-bye baby. It is so sweet! You are going to be such a good big sister!!

You are so social and say Hi to almost every single person we pass when we are at the grocery store, etc. When they don't say Hi back you proceed to say it louder hoping to get a response. If a person is polite and says Hi back, you say "how are you?" it seems so grown up! You are very polite and always say please and thank you. This is something your Daddy and I really love that you do. Other grown ups have told us that they have never met such a polite little girl. That makes your Mom so happy!

There are not a whole lot of words that you can't say. You can count to ten. You know as many animal sounds as I can think of and can identify all of them as well. We are currently working on colors, it seems that blue is one of your favorites, it is one of mine too. You still love to read as many books as we can. You love to dance and always break out a few moves when you hear music.

You are happy and loving and just the best little girl your Mom and Dad could ask for. Dad loves coming home from work and hearing you run to the door yelling "Daddy's home!". I love that you always want me to hold you. We go to the doctor next week and we will get your stats then, but seeing as how you are just as tall as most of the three year olds we know, I am not worried about them! I love you so much and feel so Blessed that God gave you to us!!

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Brooke said...

So sweet! I hope Ella had a wonderful birthday! We can't wait to see you guys and I hope you are feeling good!