Friday, May 6, 2011

Maternity Pictures

We took maternity pictures over a month ago, I think...I can't really remember when and I am not going to get up and go figure out when, it's not that important. Anyways, my sister took them for us and I edited them. I have been busy chasing Ella, finishing up with my clients, and really had a lack of motivation overall, so I am just now getting to editing them! We are getting down to the wire and we are soon to be a family of four (only 4 days left!!!). so I thought I should post these before my blog becomes overwhelmed with picture of Layla.

My hubby hates taking pictures, but he did cooperate a little better for this shoot. I sure do love this guy!!!

And of course one of my sweet girl all by herself.

 This one below is still my favorite.
Last night I was laying in bed with Ella and we said our prayers and sang a few songs and she grabbed my face with her hands on both of my cheeks and laid a big kiss on me. She gave me to sweetest smile and said "I love you Momma." Ah, my heart melted. She is so affectionate and loving! It is those sweet smiles and words that make everything better. I wish I could have my own personal camera crew follow us along everyday and capture everything so that I never forget it. One day I know she won't look at me like I hung the moon, but for now she does and it makes me happier than anything!!!

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