Monday, April 25, 2011

Layla's Nursery

With only 20 days left until Layla will arrive, I put the final finishing touches on her room! I LOVE it! The room was already turquoise, so I wanted to find bedding to match it and I love it. It matches perfectly and of course, I love the large giraffe print.

I made this to hang in her room. I framed a piece of fabric and applied a vinyl wall decal on the glass of the frame. I was going to buy an open back frame from Hobby Lobby, but then I would have to buy the glass and backing. So I browsed the framed art and found a really ugly picture, brought it home, took out the ugly poster and voila...cheaper than having to buy it separately.

We bought Layla a new crib. We had already converted Ella's crib to the full size bed, and I wanted an antique white finish. I have had the mirror since I first moved to Dallas. It was black, but I painted it to match the crib. 

Of course Miss Priss was in the room while I was taking pictures. She loves to crawl into Layla's bed. I did tell her one day that she could not get into Layla's crib and she looked at me, pointed her finger at my tummy and said "Layla, you are in trouble. You understand?!" It was the funniest thing ever! I know there will be jealousy, but she loves babies so much, so I think she will also be sweet and gentle.

The black and white photographs were already in the black frames, I painted them cream. I took them in my photography class in Italy, so for now they are staying, but they will eventually be replaced with pictures of sweet Layla.

Yes, that is a bridal picture of me and it will be replaced too. That table was in Ella's room, but she got a new table. The chair was Ella's too, but now that her room is a toy store it doesn't fit and she doesn't need it.

I love the cornice board. It is simple, but adds some color to that corner. And of course the craddle that Ella's Grandad made for her will now be used to Layla.

I also had this old dresser. I painted it brown, put some new hardware on it and it is good to go. Trey's parents are ordering the changing pad covers to match the room and this will be our changing station.

So happy I finally finished it! Now we just need the baby (not that she will even sleep in here until she is six months old!!).


The Richardson's said...

Just beautiful!!

Amanda said...

Love It!!

John~Allie~Emerson~Hank said...

So cute, as is everything you do!

Jilly said...

The black and white photographs of cream frames is very beautiful and better than black colour. Her nursery work is very amazing.
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