Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dress Up

Ella has been so funny lately. We will be sitting on the couch watching cartoons or laying on the floor playing with Layla when she will jump up, hold her finger up and say "be right back" I ask where she is going and she will just say "hold on, I'll be right back". When she comes back in usually she is wearing a whole new outfit. This day she went into my room to find her wardrobe. She put on my hat, my tank top inside out and backwards and my shoes. She then grabbed her bunny and new lunch box and told me she was ready to go to school!

Can you imagine if I took her to school looking like this? Well, she does look pretty cute, but I am sure I would get a lot of looks.
This outfit though really topped the first one. Her new hat is tupperware. I guess she couldn't find mine or thought the tupperware looked better with this one. I really love the way she accessorizes though. Her daddy's belt as a scarf looks great and his boots finish it off quite nicely.

She is such a mess! 

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