Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet the Teacher

Today Ella, Layla and I headed to our church for meet the Teacher day. Ella is going to start going to weekday school two days a week at our church. She is growing up so fast, what can I do to stop it!!?? Of course I had to take pictures to document the occasion.

She wasn't too interested in smiling for the camera. She wanted to run around and play!

This is her nap mat and lunch pail. They match her backpack, but since we didn't need it today I don't have a picture of it. I will have one though next week when she starts school.

She did feel the need to bring her bunny and two teddy bears with her.
And we're off!!

We met her teacher and she colored a little fish and got to hang it on the wall. Then she got a little snack and we were on our way home. I am excited and sad as we start his new chapter. I am excited for her because she is such a little social butterfly and loves playing and will have so much fun making new friends, but it just means my baby is growing up!!!

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@Dayngr said...

Beautiful! It's been so long since I visited. So glad to see all the new & amazing things going on in your life.