Thursday, August 18, 2011

Layla is 3 Months

My baby Layla Lou is three months old. You are so sweet and cuddly! Every morning when you wake up you give me the biggest, sweetest smile. I unwrap you from your swaddle and you do the cutest stretch with both arms raised so high in the air and you arch your back like you have been asleep forever and are finally awake.

Speaking of sleeping, you did your longest stretch so far last night. You went to sleep at 11 p.m. and woke up at 9:30 a.m. You usually sleep anywhere from 7 to 8.5 hours, but when you wake up you eat and go right back to sleep. You take about an hour nap in the mornings and take a big three to four hour afternoon nap. You also do a one hour nap in the evenings around 7. You have always been a good sleeper for your Momma. (Well, except during the jaundice and then the steroids.) Thank you!

You still eat every three hours, when you are awake. You are so chubby that I know everyone thinks I feed you every 5 minutes, but Momma just has good milk! I weighed you this morning and the scale said you are exactly 19 pounds. That is 19 pounds of pure lovin'! You are wearing some 6-9 month clothes, mostly 9 months now. You are just one big baby. Long and chunky!

You HATE tummy time. I mean Hate it! You can lift you head, but you are so busy screaming it doesn't make for a very cute picture. You do have great head control though and have started sitting in your bumbo. I am afraid it is a little tight on your thighs though and don't know if you will even be able to fit in it in a week or so the way you are growing. It is a work of art to get you out of the thing and usually when I pick you up the bumbo comes with you! You do love sitting in it though. You smile and laugh. You just want to be a big girl like your sister.

You have the biggest smile and your cheeks are so big that when you do smile you have no eyes! I love it. Your sister was the same way.

You still aren't a fan of being in the grocery store in your car seat. It makes it pretty hard on Mom to get stuff done, but you love being in your baby sling so for now that is what we have to do. It gives Momma a good work out too! I am hoping that now that you have toys on your car seat it will help a little.

We love you Lou Lou! I can't wait to see what the next month brings us!

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Amanda said...

Happy 3 Months Layla! You are precious!