Monday, September 19, 2011

Layla is 4 Months!

Layla, you are four months old!! Where does the time go? September is flying by, so I am nine days late with this post. We took you to the doctor last week and here are your stats:

Weight: 21 pounds, over 100 percentile
Height: 26-1/2", over 98 percentile

Yep, you are a big girl! You are wearing 12 month clothes, although 18 months fit your thighs much better, they are a little long. I have been putting you in 18 months and just rolling up the pants. I figure you would rather have them too long than tight on your legs and tummy. You are still a bay though and I wish I could find larger sizes in Baby clothes. It seems the larger sizes don't have the onesies like you need. I don't want to dress you like a little girl, I want to dress you like a baby! You wear a size three diaper

You have done a lot of new things this month. You found your feet for the first time and any time I lay you on your back now you go straight for them! It is so sweet to see my little butter ball all curled up getting her toes. You have also rolled from your back to your tummy about 10 times. The first time I thought it might be an accident so I rolled you back over and had your Daddy watch you and sure enough you did it again. Sadly, all the family was here yesterday and you didn't do it. You tried so hard, but I think you were too sleepy to muster up that extra energy you needed.

You have the sweetest belly chuckle when you laugh and when you smile your face lights up! Your cheeks are so big you hardly have any eyes when you smile. You are drooling constantly. I don't feel any teeth coming in though, maybe you are just a drooler.

You are going through a phase where you pretty much only want to be held and only your Momma can hold you. Your Daddy thinks you don't like him, but I have reassured him that it is not him, you are just like you sister because she went through the same thing. You still won't take a pacifier or a bottle. I would appreciate it if you would start taking them because with Fall photo shoots coming up your Momma is going to be gone some and you will have to eat somehow!

You love your sister and watching her play. You give her big smiles and your eyes always follow her as she walks across the room. You will stop crying if she sings to you. I can't wait for you and her to be able to play together!

Your Daddy and I love you so much! I can't imagine what we would do without you. You are so sweet, cuddly and happy (well, if I am holding you!).


Kati said...

Joy, how precious!! Karlyn is 21 lbs at 9 months! ha ha. She is adorable. Good luck with the paci and bottle :>

Amanda said...

Happy 4 Months Layla!