Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa 2011

I have been such a procrastinator this Christmas!!! I still don't have all of my presents bought, so that obviously means I still have wrapping to do, I ran out of ribbon so I need to buy more, and Christmas is at my house on Sunday so I need to get busy!

One of the things I kept putting off was seeing Santa. Well, my sweet hubby has been working NON stop and it seems like I haven't seen him since November, so that is some of the reason. We went to Wichita this weekend so I finally sound some time to take the girls. We had to wait about 20 minutes for him to get there, but we were third in line.

I was worried Layla wasn't going to do very well. Let's face it, I thought Ella was a Momma's girl, but Layla blows Ella out of the water when in comes to it. She really prefers for me to be the only one to hold her and if someone else is holding her I must be within 4 feet! Buuuuttt, she did so good!

She didn't smile. I didn't expect her to. She had not gotten a nap the day before and was TIRED, but she didn't cry!

But where is my other child you ask? Oh, she was crying and throwing a fit and was not about to get within 10 feet of Santa. Soooo, for the third year in a row I got my picture made with Santa! Yep, the tradition continues! At least Ella is not crying or fitting in the picture!

In case you weren't reading my blog last year, here is Ella with Santa 2010.

And 2009.

Do you notice a pattern? That girl does not like Santa, the Easter bunny or anything dressed up in a large suit. Oh well, I still love her to pieces! 

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