Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Holliday

Last weekend we went to Holliday to do our Christmas celebration with Trey's family. Ella had a great time playing with her cousin, Raelyn. Raelyn loves doing everything Ella does and being her little copycat. These two were giggling and hollering the whole weekend!

Layla's Aunt Lindsey was feeding her dinner, so it is coming out of her mouth, but she is sitting in her Gigi's lap (Trey's Grandmother).

My handsome husband.

Aunt Lindsey.

Me and my sweet girl! She was rolling everywhere and trying to put everything in her mouth!

After dinner we opened presents and I didn't get too many pictures because Layla kept trying to eat the paper and was grabbing everything so I was a little busy!  Ella got a doll house from her Grandma and Grandpop, along with a ton of other stuff.

Layla got this little pig that shakes and makes noises along with so many other things. Her she is sitting with her Grandma.

We got so many presents I was worried it wouldn't all fit in the car! We got it all in, but it was packed! We had a great time and the girls got so many wonderful presents. 

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