Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Elf On The Shelf

I did Elf on the Shelf last year with Ella, but honestly with Layla being 7 months old and being tired having two little ones I really only moved him around to different places. We read the book every night and she would get excited to find him, but I didn't do all the extra activities. 

This year we moved on December 2nd, but I was determined to do some fun activities, especially since we had spent the last four months in a tiny apartment. I got out the book and we read it and talked about him coming the next morning. I told her she didn't name him last year so we really needed to name him, she decided on Sparkles. Sometimes we call him a he and sometimes a she, I am pretty sure sparkles is a girls name, so we will say she is a she. 

She made her appearance the first morning with a trail of glitter. I thought that only seemed appropriate. 

The next day she bought two ornaments for Ella to pain and hang on the tree. Ella LOVED it!

She painted all of it and then I went back and did a little fine tuning. She wrote her name on the back and we put them on the tree. 


Pretty cute! I got these at Hobby Lobby, they were 0.90 and were 50% off and provided us with about two hours of fun! Of course we had to do it while Layla was napping or both of the ornaments would have been broken and there would have been pain every where! 

A few morning I just moved him to new places. One morning she bought us all the ingredients for cookies and we made sugar cookies with sprinkles.

The morning after we made the cookies Sparkles got into the cookies and ate some of them.

Of course he had to wrap the tree in paper one morning. Neither of the girls knew what to think.

One night she almost caught me moving him. I had to get the broom to get a strand of red beads up high hanging off the fan and had him swinging from the beads. She came out of her room because I was making too much noise.

We had a lot of fun with our elf. I forgot to take some of the pictures, but these were some of my favorite ones anyways. Ella was so into the Christmas spirit this year and I enjoyed teaching her Christmas songs and we read the story of Jesus every night. She even sat in Santa's lap this year!

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Amanda said...

Such fun Christmas memories! And I love seeing pics of the new house in the background!