Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Ella!

I have not been a regular blogger lately. Life has just gotten a little busy around here! We are finally in our new house and somewhat settled. Ella is the reason I started this blog. I wanted to document everything so that I would have a way to go back and remember things. The other day she and I sat and read some of my old posts about her and she loved it! 

So, for her 4th birthday I am back so that one day we will be able to read this one and I will be able to remember just how she was at 4 years old!

Ella, you are four years old today! This morning when you woke up you found princess birthday balloons, one present to open (because your party isn't until this weekend, but I wanted this day to be special for you!) and a dozen cupcakes! You ate two cupcakes for breakfast, that was a first! I sang Happy Birthday to you and then throughout the day you requested that I sing it at least 20 more times! 

Where do I even begin? You are beautiful, inside and out! You are very caring, nurturing, loving, cuddly, and sensitive. You get your feelings hurt pretty easily. You are also very dramatic! If I turn off a cartoon that you are watching you break out into a hysterical cry as if the world is over, but as easy as you turn it of you turn it off as soon as I ask you to race me up the stairs. You love to race. You do NOT like it when you don't win (soooo like your Momma!) 

You are a Momma's girl! You love doing everything with me, helping me in any way you can. You love everything princess, barbie, sparkly and girly! You prefer to wear skirts and dresses and get upset when you have to wear pants. You get dressed every morning and spin for me and say "How do I look?" of course my answer is always BEAUTIFUL!

You are very smart! You can write all of your letters, you can write your whole name, you know your address, and your birthday. You are constantly asking questions (sometimes I would like a little peace and quiet!). You love to read, color, draw and paint.

You are a tall girl! You wear a size 6 or 6X and a size 12 shoe. We are gong to the doctor tomorrow so I will get your official height and weight. You are as tall as a lot of 6 year olds though. When I tell people you just turned 4 today they are shocked at how much older they thought you were. 

You are a true joy to have in our lives. You brighten my day in so many ways! I look forward to what this year holds and can't wait to spend every day with you watching you learn and grow. I thank God for you everyday for you and that I am able to spend all my time with you. 

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