Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trip Home

The girls and I made the trip to my parent's house so my Mom and I could take the girls the the light display there. IT WAS COLD! I bundled the girls up, put them in the car and headed out. Ella fell asleep in the car and was exhausted. We had to wake her up and boy was she cranky! We stood in line for them to visit Santa. This was their third time to see Santa, and Ella had done great two times, but she was not having it now!

 Ella would not even walk in the building where Santa was and Layla just cried! Oh well, it will be a great picture when she is older! (Side note: I don't really blame Layla because this Santa was a young skinny version, so not at all what she had seen before!)

They did enjoy walking around and looking at the lights though.

This is Ella's new pose, it's impressive, right?!

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