Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Pretty Baby

I don't really have anything to say other than I took some pictures of Ella and I just think she is so cute. My mom always shows them to her students at school and they agree she is adorable. So...I must be right! =)
This is the cute dress my Mother bought her to wear to her baby dedication at church.

I bought this dress to wear to Summer's bridal shower. I used to worry about what I was going to wear and usually bought a new outfit for every occasion and I would NEVER wear anything more than once. Now, I worry about what she will wear, buy her something new, make sure she has a matching bow and I just wear something I already have.

I love the face she is making enhances her cheeks! (Like she needs too!)

Trey is such a good daddy! He gives Ella her bath every night. I used to do it, but I spend every waking moment with her and I just thought this could be their special time. We gives her her bath, puts on her pajamas, lotions her & reads her a few books and then hands her off to me for me to put her to sleep.

And this one goes out to all the guys in the family. Yes, she is wearing camo. I will dress her for the day and when Trey gets home from work he will change her diaper for me. Then mysteriously when he returns her to me she will be wearing a different outfit and it is ALWAYS this one.

And the grand finale...a baby's butt. Because she has so many sweet little rolls! (One day this picture will embarrass her, but not now!)

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