Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby Hunter

My brother, Kyle, and his wife, Jennie, are having a baby boy! She is due in early September and I couldn't be more excited for them. Jennie has had baby fever for such a long time. The whole time I was pregnant I had hoped Jennie would get pregnant too so our babies would be close in age. Well, they aren't going to be that far apart.

So, Trey and I went over to their house Sunday night to help Kyle carry the baby furniture upstairs since they had just gotten new carpet and had not even set up Hunter's furniture yet. Kyle called while Ella was asleep and Trey volunteered to go alone; however, Kyle requested Ella come so we waited until she woke up. (He really loves his niece!)

Jennie and I are sitting in the floor while Kyle works. We are supervising.

Ella is so excited to meet baby Hunter!

Ella and her Daddy are hanging out in the upstairs play area before he has to go finish helping.

Jennie and Ella pose for a picture.

And finally Kyle is finished working and he gets to hold his favorite niece (okay, so it's his only niece, but still his favorite!) She was getting a little fussy so it was pacifier time.

They both love Ella so much and Trey and I are so lucky that they live so close to us. They are going to be amazing parents. We can't wait to meet Hunter!!

On our way home from their house we stopped at my favorite...Bahama Bucks! I LOVE IT! I could probably eat one every day, maybe two, but then I would weigh 200 pounds. Ella wanted some too. She kept trying to get both of our cups.

And no, Trey is not wearing lipstick, he was eating Cherry flavor. So, we put her on the ground and let her play.

I love this picture. She is too stinkin' cute!

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Kyle and Jennie said...

Yea! Kyle will be so glad that you posted something about him. He is so funny! We love you guys and are so glad that you live so close, I wish you lived next door!

Give Ella a kiss for us!
Kyle and Jennie