Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finally Home

Ella and I went out of town for almost a week to Wichita Falls. A very close family friend passed away so we went home to attend the services. (More on the later) I was pretty sick the first two days we were there, luckily my Mom and Dad were there to entertain Ella and take care of her so I could try to get better. On the third day I did and we went and visited Trey's parents and went to the Mall. I was going stir crazy after being stuck in someone elses house and I think Ella was getting a little bored too.

Trey came to town on Saturday and Sunday and we went to his Grandmother's house to visit her and then we went over to Trey's brother and sister in law's house to see Ella's new cousin. Ella fell asleep on the ride over. She must have been a very tired girl because she even stayed asleep while I got her out of her car seat, carried her in, and napped for another 45 minutes while we all talked. When she finally woke up her Grandpa posed with his two grand babies.

Ella's cheeks are still red from napping. She wasn't too interested in her cousin because she was asleep and not making any noises or moving.
The toys however were very fascinating! She even tried to climb into the swing. I think she might be just a little (hmm...A LOT) too heavy for it though.
I was so horrible about taking pictures while I was there since I didn't ever really feel 100%. I did get a picture of Ella and her Papa though. He was in Hog Heaven while we were there and just loved on her.

Caleb and Corey came to town and Caleb wanted to love and hug on her too.
Unfortunately Ella was not wanting to love back! She just wanted to play!
She loves chasing Caleb around and playing with his big boys toys. Caleb likes it for about 2 minutes until Ella takes one of his toys, then he is not a happy camper. Kyle, Jennie & Hunter came in town too, but poor baby Hunter wasn't feeling too good so I didn't get a picture of them.
Ella got to spend a lot of time with her Grandmother and Grandad (Trey's parents) while we were at the visitation and funeral. I think she had a good time with them.
We are finally back at home and getting back in to our schedule. Ella just does not sleep good if she is not in her bed or in her mommas arms. So, most night she slept right on my chest so I didn't get too much sleep. The last two days she has slept until 10:30!!!! Wow! I guess she is catching up! It is so nice to be back at home in my own bed and with my baby who sleeps sooo good.

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