Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What a Day!

Yesterday was quite a busy day for me. My sister-in-law, Jennie, had an interview so she asked me to keep Hunter. What she failed to do when she first asked me was tell me what time she would be dropping Hunter off. Just kidding! I would keep him no matter what time it was. But, if you know me or have ever read my blog before you know Ella sleeps until about 9:30 or sometimes even 10:30. So that means this mama sleeps until around 9:00 (unless it is Sunday or every other Wednesday for Moms group). Well, Jennie needed to drop Hunter off around 7:30-8:00. Wow! It was hard getting up. Your body really does get in a routine. I am used to staying up late too, so I couldn't fall asleep for the life of me.

Well, this little punkin' showed up and we had some fun playing on the ground before Miss Priss woke up. She wasn't too happy when she woke up and really doesn't like sharing her momma. After a while though she woke up more and really enjoyed watching Hunter. She does not understand though that Hunter is a real baby and not one of her play babies. Her play babies laugh and say mama and dada when you press their tummies and she kept wanting to press his tummy and I know that she was trying to make him talk!Hunter finally went to sleep around 11:30, his usual nap time is 10, but of course they never stay on the same schedule when they are with someone else. Ella went to sleep at 12 and I had 20 minutes to attempt to get on the computer before Hunter woke up. His little catnap seemed to make him happier though so we played some more. Ella woke up after an hour and a half nap and was in a much better mood and really wanted to make Hunter feel welcome. She got all of her toys (a bunch) out of her basket in the living room and would bring each of them to Hunter. So sweet!

I love this picture of the two of them. She is checking him out and making sure he knows who is in charge.
Hunter however looks back to let her know he is no push over! I had a fun and busy morning with these two. I hope they grow up together and are great friends. I had a brother and a sister, but I always wanted cousins. I just always thought it would be so fun at Christmas and Thanksgiving to have a big family. Now that my siblings and I have kids and are having more I think we will finally have that big family.


Kimberly said...

They look adorable together!

Kyle and Jennie said...

AWWW...I love those pictures. He looks like he had a blast. He took a long nap when we got home and then he slept from 8pm-6am without waking up once. Thank you so much for watching him. I want them to be close too!