Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentines

Trey and I celebrated our Valentines on Saturday night. We took Ella over to Kyle and Jennies so we could go out to eat. She did get dressed up for the occasion. I know it is hard to tell since I have my hands over her clothes, but she looked adorable. We couldn't really decide where to eat and we just knew everywhere was going to be crowded so we went to Texas Land and Cattle. We both love steak and I love wine, so it was a good pick. We had thought we would drive in to Dallas, but just didn't want to at the last that is where we went. We did have to wait an hour, but we went back to our car to wait and played rock, paper, scissors while we waited and just laughed and had fun.

I told Trey not to get me flowers, but he did get me chocolates. Don't get me wrong, I do like flowers, but there is a light fixture I want more and I didn't want Trey to waste money on something that will die when I have my eye on something I want! We got Ella Little People Princess building blocks that are pink and purple and she has loved playing with them. My mom has some at her house, but it is a farm, so of course I would rather my girl have a castle. =)

The next morning we went to church and then we went out to eat again after church. This time, Glorias, which is Mexican food. This wasn't really planned, I just was craving some chips and hot sauce and I love theirs. So, I got two Valentines meals!

And this was my Valentines Day three years ago. Trey and I were dating long distance so we had to wait until that Friday when I would come in town to see him to celebrate our Valentines. That night, February 16th, he proposed and it was one of the best days and definitely my best Valentines Day to date.

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