Monday, December 6, 2010

23 Months!

My sweet girl turned 23 months old today! It is so hard for me to believe that in one month she will be two years old. What an amazing 23 months it has been. She has grown and changed SO much. She is so independent some days and others she won't leave my side. She is still very cuddly and I LOVE that. She loves to snuggle next to me with my arm around her and watch cartoons. If I try and move away, she tells me to sit and grabs my arm and puts it around her.

She loves being around bigger kids. She likes younger ones, but they just aren't near as exciting to her. She is talking up a storm and just last night counted to 10 all by herself!!! Trey was present and heard all of it, so I do have a witness. Usually she will do the even numbers if I count with her, but she has been counting to five on her own, so last night was so AMAZING to hear! She has done it twice today.

She loves being outside and playing in the dirt and grass, but her favorite thing by far is shoes. I hear the word shoes or boots so many times a day. She loves shoes! Oh, are we in trouble in about 14 years!!

She is very social and tells everyone at the grocery store, Hobby Lobby, park, or where ever we go "Hi!" and if they don't respond she will continue, growing louder each time, until they do. Good thing I am not a shy person.

I love this little girl so much. I love how much she loves me and her Daddy and how excited she gets whenever he gets home from work. I love her sugars (kisses) and sweet hugs. I thank God for her at least once everyday and am amazed at His creation. 

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The Martens said...

Great pictures Joy! ELla is looking so grown up.... Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season!