Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dallas Aquarium

Two weeks ago Ella and I went to the Aquarium with our friends Melody, Jalie and Katie. Ella loves Jalie and Melody, so anytime I say we are going somewhere with them she says "Yipee!" and jumps up and down! It is so cute! Jalie is 5, so obviously she is into older things than Ella, who is 2, but she is SO sweet to her. Holding hands as we walk through the exhibit.

Ella loves looking at all of the birds, monkeys, fish, etc. This was the first time she had been there. Some of my friends had gone before, but I wanted to wait to take her so that she would really enjoy it and she did!

She loved this part! This gigantic turtle kept swimming from one end to the other and she would follow him and say "What ya doin' turtle? Where ya goin'?" or "Turtle come back".

We stayed in this part quite a while just letting the girls look at the fish. It was really neat because everything in that tank was gigantic, especially next to our girls.

Jalie was ready to see the penguins, so we headed outside.

Ever since Ella has been walking around the house like a penguin saying "I'm a penguin momma. I walk like penguin."

It was a little cool outside, so we headed back inside to the Shark area. Ella didn't pay too much attention to the sharks, but Jalie did. I think Jalie might have been a little scared of them, she stuck pretty close to her mom.

I think this picture is funny. Not very often that you take a family picture with a shark in the background. 

I wasn't expecting to see a Leopard at the Aquarium, but the girls loved it. When we first walked up to it it was sleeping, but someone took a flash picture and I think that woke it up because then it started moving around and the girls really wanted to stay and watch it. Jalie had been carrying around a stuffed leopard and wanted to introduce them to each other.

We had a great time! Afterwards we went and ate lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse and had the sweetest waiter who brought the girls candy after they ate their lunch. It was such a fun time with our friends!

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