Monday, April 4, 2011

To Do....

I now have approximately 42 days until Layla arrives!! I prefer to count in days instead of weeks, because it seems a lot shorter. Her bedding is supposed to ship at the end of this week and arrive next week!

Here are the things I still need to do:

Paint Dresser
Paint Mirror
Paint Canvas

Things I need to buy:

Carseat! #1 item
Changing pad cover
Diaper Pail  Thanks to my awesome friend Melody who is giving me the one she kept in her room for her 3 month old baby girl!
Accessories for the room
Wall/ Book Shelf

Uhhh!!! I have to do all of this is 42 days?? I really do like having the room completely finished so that once our sweet girl arrives, even though she won't stay in her room for a LONG time, I don't have to decorate a room and take care of my two girls. I think I am gong to leave this post up for my amazing, sweet, very helpful husband who might read this and take care of some of these things for me!!

I did acomplish one thing this past weekend I really wanted to get done before I got so big it was hard to move (almost there) and before I got fat face! We went to downtown Waxahachie and had our maternity pictures taken. Here is one of my favorites, I will post more soon. For now I think I am going to go work on paiting the canvas for Layla's room.

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Kati said...

So cute!! Can't wait to see the others. And good luck on your "to-do's" :-)