Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

We had a MOPS Easter egg hunt again this year and it was a lot of fun. We tried rounding up all of our little ones for a group photo. I must say, this is a pretty good group photo considering hos many kiddos there were. Of course, there were a few stragglers who wondered off while we were all trying to take pictures and a couple who didn't want to be in it from the get go, but other than that not too shabby!

Ella and her sweet friend Jalie and Katie (Asleep in the stroller) were all wearing these cute bunny shirts another one of the Moms in our group made. They are so cute (the girls and the shirts)!
Then it was time to get down to business. Ella ran and picked up her eggs, but she soon caught on to the fact that there was candy inside of them. So, she would pick up an egg, open it, put the candy in the basket and leave the egg on the ground. I had to follow behind and bend over (as best as I can!) and pick up the discarded eggs so some other kid didn't come along and pick it up and discover there was no candy.

Of course she took off her shoes as soon as she could. This girl loves to go barefoot.
Sweet Katie came and hung out with me for a little while. She is such a good baby! Ella saw me holding her and came up and said "Hi Baby!". She patted her and rubbed her and would just smile at her. I asked her if she loved the baby and she said yes. It was so sweet to watch how gentle and nice she was being! Makes me hope it will go this smoothly when Layla arrives! 

After a while though Katie had to go back to her momma and was soon fast asleep. I just think this is so sweet!!! I can't wait for Layla to get here!

We had a great egg hunt. Ella played very hard with all of the bigger girls and was worn out and oh so very dirty when we finally left. We came home and she took a nap, but as soon as she was up she was looking for that basket of candy and it did not last long! She is like her Daddy and LOVES candy!

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