Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Updated To Do List

At 42 days to go this was my to do list. I am happy to report that at 27 days to go I have accomplished a lot! See...

Paint Dresser - Uhh! I just really don't want to do this. My hubby has Friday off, so I am hoping he will do it for me!
Paint Mirror
Paint Canvas

Things I need to buy:
Carseat! #1 item I bought it today!!

Drapes Thanks Mom!!!
Changing pad cover
Diaper Pail Thanks to my awesome friend Melody who is giving me the one she kept in her room for her 3 month old baby girl!
Accessories for the room Most of it is even in it's place! I just need to finish one or two more things!
Wall/ Book Shelf

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and Layla is still doing good. My blood pressure was a little higher than normal and in the past week my feet, hands and legs have swollen. I had to say goodbye to my wedding rings after my finger turned purple!!! The doctor did tell me to keep my feet up and don't overdo it. That is easy with a two year old, right?! I am in the home stretch and can't wait to meet our sweet Layla!

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