Monday, January 26, 2015

Show Me The Love

Hi!! Thank you for stopping by and Welcome to 'Show Me The Love' hosted by BrettniLyndsey, and Amanda. I love Valentine's Day and here is is perfectly acceptable to be gaudy and over the top which is right up my alley! I mean my favorite colors and gold and turquoise, gaudy huh?! And I have three little princesses who adore being over the top extravagant as well. Well, Lydia is only 5 months, but I will teach her the ways.

I adore a Valentine's Day photo shoot. Nothing cuter than precious kiddos in bright red and pink! I called up my sweet friends and offered to do a photo shoot (who would turn down a free photo shoot?!) this weekend. Of course, they all said yes and showed up with their adorable kiddos. I present to you...Adorable Kids!!!!!

And the party really started when we broke out the boas and heart shaped glasses. These simple, inexpensive props purchased from Hobby Lobby add the perfect amount of pizzazz!

For the heart backdrop I painted a piece of plywood I had in my garage. I spray painted it pink first, then painted it white. After it was dry I used sand paper to distress is lightly so that some of the pink showed through. Then I painted the big heart. I really like it and it may end up going in my girl's playroom. 

The chalkboard sign was a cabinet door that has chalkboard paint in the middle. I painted the border cream, distressed the edges, and added the gold decorative piece at the top (also from Hobby Lobby).

I made the heart banner out of muslin fabric and painted a heart on each triangle. I used ribbon to attach them to each other.

I made both of my girls fun neckalces from beads I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Alot of those big beaded necklaces are a little expensive, especially when you have three girls and want one to match every outfit. I bought the beads and the string for under $15. 

If you are interested in a photo shoot, Valentine's related or not, you can contact me at Joyful Photography.


Amanda said...

You are the best!! The pics of your girls are so great!! All of the pics are great because you are awesome! The painted heart backdrop was perfect. I love that you can re-use it too! Thank you so much for inviting us to do this!

Josh and Shan said...

OHMYGOSH!!! I love this photoshoot!!!!

Lyndsey said...

They turned out so cute!!! Thankful you can work your magic on a cold and windy day!!

Hollie said...

How CUTE are these photos?! What a cute idea!! The backdrop is adorable and all of your subjects are too!!

Happy LOVE day!

Brettni Brumfield said...

You known I'm SWOONING over these pictures, right?! Love them all!! You're the best!

Chelsea said...

I love this Photo Opp. I wish you lived close to me :) How cute.. I know the kids had so much fun doing it.. Happy Monday

Chelsea @

Gentel McKenney said...

What a cute idea! How awesome you got such great photos of all the kids looking at the camera too! :)