Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ella's 6th Birthday Party

Ella had her birthday party on Sunday at Urban Air Trampoline Park. It was a great place to have a party because by the time we left all of the kids were tired and worn out...success!!

We were missing a few for the group picture. Poor Heath was worn out and wasn't in the picture taking mood!

These are Ella's sweet little best friends at school. They are just dolls. Riley was trying hard not to smile becasue she had bet someone she wouldn't!

Silly faces!

There's Heath!! (And Layla picking her nose!)

Oh how I love this sweet girl!

 Cousins!! Raelyn made the trip from Wichita and she and Layla had a great time playing together. I love that the girls have cousins on both sides of the family close in age to play with. Raelyn is almost exactly one year younger than Ella. She is one year and 4 months older than Layla, but she is petite and Layla is tall!

Caleb was the oldest one there so all the kids had a blast chasing him around. Ella was chasing, wrestling, pulling and hugging him all day long. She lvoes her Caleb.

This years theme was Monster High. I remember several years ago seeing those dolls at the store and saying I would Never buy those. Now here I am throwing a party revolving around them!

Action shot, deep breath....

 And Blow!!!

Ella has really been wanting this American Doll. Of course Granny came to the rescue and got it for her! She has been playing with (and sleeping with) it constantly.

We had such a great day! All of the kids had a great time, Ella got to hang out with her friends and cousins, and said it was the best birthday ever. I can't believe she is 6!!

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Lyndsey said...

What a fun party for such a big girl! Urban Air is the place to be! That's so neat that the girls have so many young cousins to play with!