Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend in Wichita

We were very busy this weekend. We drove to Wichita Friday night and hungout with the family. Ella got to meet her Uncle Zach for the first time. We called James and Brooke and they came over with Blake. Ella was asleep when they got there, but she woke up so we could have picture time. Blake has gotten so big since we last saw him, he is so cute! I think Brooke and I could wins awards for chunkiest babies! I love all the little rolls.

And of course we had to have the Dads pose...

And Blake and Ella bonded...

I have known James and Brooke since Jefferson Elementary and Trey and them are great friends. It is so funny to me that everyone had kids around the same time. Trey's other best friend Justin Veal and his wife had a baby girl. We haven't met her yet, but hopefully we will soon. It is so cute to see those big guys hold their little babies.

After they left we got Ella ready for bed and she found her feet for the first time! It was so cute. She hasn't really let go of the since. Then she put her foot in her mouth for the first time. I didn't get a picture of that, I wasn't quick enough.

Then it was bath time and Trey's mom had gotten her a cute hooded towel, so of course we had to take more picutres...

Saturday morning we woke up and Trey went to his brother Shane's graduation. Me and Ella didn't go because I didn't think it was a good place for a baby, not very much fun and we can't really play. So, we went to my parent's house and hung out. I love to watch her with them. I have AMAZING parents and Ella is so lucky to have such great grandparents.

My mom has a hard time keeping her eyes open in pictures. You can't count or she knows it's coming and will definetely close her eyes. You just have to randomly sister took 16 pictures of this exact pose and we got one with her eyes open (sort of).

Ella and I went back to the Calhoun's for Shanes party.

By Sunday we were worn out. Ella specifically. So, we headed home around 2, we usually don't leave that early, but Ella was exhausted because she hadn't napped well. We got home and unpacked and I put Ella on her activity mat so I could put up some things. I came back in the room and she was on her tummy! She had rolled over for the FIRST TIME and I MISSED IT!!! So, I ran to get the video camera, rolled her back to her back and she did it again. This time I saw it and I caught it on tape! Video coming shortly!

Trey and I were talking like now it all starts. Before we know it she will be crawling and walking. My baby girl is growing so fast. You want them to stay a baby forever, but my mom told me it will just get more fun as we go.

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Brooke said...

I love ALL of the pictures! Ella is so precious and such a sweet baby! I just know that Blake and Ella will be the best of friends! Thank you so much for calling us when you were in town it was nice to see you and finally meet Ella! I love the picture so much of James and Trey with Ella and Blake that I’m going to steal it off of your blog and post it to mine. I hope you have a great weekend! Love You Guys!