Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sleeping Baby

So, I am one of those Moms that is soooo guilty of letting their babies fall asleep their my arms. I mean, really...who can resist your precious little angel falling asleep in your arms and you just holding her and rocking her as long as she sleeps? I have held her for up to two hours, being careful not to move too much or make any noise (and you definitely can't take any bathroom breaks, you just have to hold it). I LOVE IT! Looking at her face with not a care in the world. Moments I will cherish forever. The only downside to this (and yes, everyone warns you about this...books, other moms, name it) is she totally prefers to nap on my now instead of anywhere else. But look at this face, could you resist that? I sure can't.

I thought I had finally broken the trend two days ago. She took two awesome naps in her crib, both were longer than 2 hours!! However, the next day she was not having it. Every time I would get her to sleep I would place her in her crib and instantly her eyes would open up. I finally had to let her nap on her swing...usually that is a good enough compromise for her.

In the mornings she wakes up at 7 and I nurse her and she goes back to sleep until 10. I let her sleep in our beds in the morning.

So, if she wants to fall asleep in my arms until she is 10, I will just have to let her. As long as she is getting the rest she needs, I don't see it as a problem. So what if I don't have a chance to clean the house while she naps, it will still get done & I would rather have memories of my baby than memories of a clean house.

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The Richardson's said...

Sooo cute! My mom always said, "Hold them as long as you can because one day they'll be grown!"