Monday, November 16, 2009

Ella is 10 Months!

Ella, you are growing so quickly. I was talking to your Dad yesterday on the way home from church and saying how it the past week you have really become so much MORE vocal. Now, I didn't think it was possible, but apparently it is. You are constantly jabbering. You love to say Dada and sometimes say Mama. You have started to repeat Bye Bye when I say it. If Daddy and I scream you will also copy us. We love to play that game with you because you get so excited and LOUD!

You are constantly on to go. You are a SPEED crawler, and now with the assistance of your lion you almost run through our living room. You are getting braver and will reach out from the coffee table to the sofa to make the transition. You can stand on your own for about 5 seconds, until you realize you are doing it and then you grab on to something. You are going to be walking any day now.
You love to clap your hands, blow raspberries, give sugars (kisses), and motor boat and will do all when asked. (I couldn't quite catch the hands coming together in the clap, but I loved the expression on her face here!)

You used to be the cleanest eater ever, but recently you have decided that you like to spit your food out. It is not because you don't like it, I think you just like to spit! We just moved you to stage 3 baby foods and you seem to like it. You do not however like stage 3 spaghetti and meatballs! I think your favorite food is still bananas.

You weigh 24-1/2 pounds and wear 18 or 24 month clothes, depending on the brand. Your eyes are still crystal blue and your hair is getting so thick and has stayed blonde.

Every month your Dad and I both think it isn't possible to love you any more than we already do, but every month we are wrong. You are soooooo much fun at this age and just love to roll around in the floor with me and love to be tickled and you have the most amazing laugh I have ever heard. You make my days so enjoyable!

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Brooke said...

How sweet! Our babies are growing up so fast! Happy 10 months Ella!