Thursday, November 19, 2009


With Thanksgiving one week away, I would like to post a thing or two each day that I am thankful for.

This is NOT the thing I am most thankful for, but it is where I will start my list...

I am thankful that I am not as big as a house. Last Thanksgiving I was almost 8 months pregnant and OH SO LARGE and OH SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I wanted to get Ella out of my stomach so badly and would have been so thankful for that! Every time I saw my parents they would say "surely you can't last much longer" or "there is no way your stomach can get any bigger"; however, I consistently proved them wrong and just kept growing!

Do you see that stomach?! Now do you understand why I am thankful?!

(I would like to point out to you that my husband is totally checking me out and looking at my butt in this picture. Either that or he is noticing how large it is? I choose to believe the first.)

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