Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband and amazing father!! Ella and I came to Wichita Falls on Friday and Trey joined us on Saturday. This morning we opened presents because the boys wanted them right away and didn't want to wait until after lunch. Really it was just Trey that didn't want to wait! Ella helped her Papa open his presents.
And chewed on a plastic spoon.

My sister, sister-in-law and I had a platter made with Ella, Hunter & Caleb's footprints. It is just perfect and my Dad loves it, except that Ella's footprint is labeled Hunter and Hunter's is labeled Ella. We had to go have our kiddo's feet painted and re-do the plate this last Thursday, but it isn't ready yet, so we showed Dad what he would be getting and will trade with him when the correct one arrives.

Isn't it so cute??!! Ella knew she was supposed to put her foot on it!

Trey got a cute poem about a Daddy's tools and it will go in our office. He is so hard to buy for and won't ever really tell me what to get him. Ella had fun helping the boys open their presents, but was a little more fascinated with the crayons. At home we have a box of eight, but Granny and Papa have the big 64 box and she just loves to open it, dump them out, and put about half of them back. See... She also enjoyed having her Papa read to her. She loves reading and she loves her Papa, so she was in hog heaven!

My Mom fried chicken (she makes the best!) and we ate lunch and dessert and then Trey, Ella and I headed over to Trey's parents to give his Dad his card and hang out with them. Trey's little brother Zachary is in town and I think little Miss Ella is really taking a liking to him. He has been living in Kentucky and has only been around Ella twice before, so she has been loving on him the last two days to make up for time lost.
We had such a good day! Trey is just the best husband and Dad and Ella and I are so blessed. Happy Father's Day!!!

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Rachel said...

That dog is so cute!!! What kind is it?