Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Yesterday Trey worked for a little while, then we went over to our Sunday School teacher's house for a cookout. Trey stopped by the grocery store and picked up two gigantic ribeyes for us to take over and cook. They were so delicious! Ella wouldn't eat a thing because there was just too much to do and to many people to play with. After everyone was finished we all headed outside so the little kids could play and the big boys could throw around a baseball. Phil and Sarah have a great big backyard perfect for playing and the kids all had a blast. It was a little hot, but no too bad. Ella loved riding on her daddy's shoulders and swinging.
The big boys took a break from playing catch for a little while to let the little boys in on the action. Ella, of course, had to join in too! This little boy, Jackson, has a heck of an arm for a two year old!!
The kids watched the big boys play too. Jackson (On the right) just loved it and kept his mouth wide open! The two cuties on the left and brother and sister.

I got Trey to stop playing long enough to take a picture of me and Ella. She wasn't too interested in it though. She was re-hydrated and ready to play again.

The heat finally got to us and we all headed inside. These two really wanted to go back out though.
She quickly discovered there was a lot to do inside too and ran Momma and Daddy ragged. I didn't want her to break anything and she is a wild woman! She and Daxton played though and had a great time. Ella is 20 days older than him. Phil and Sarah said we should go ahead and arrange the marriage.

And here is Phil loving on Ella. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Ella and Sarah. Ella chose to sit with her while we were all eating. They are such wonderful people and amazing examples. There isn't anything they wouldn't do for any of us.

We had a great time and Ella was worn out by the time we got home and went fast to sleep after her bath. And trust me she needed a bath after how sweaty she got!

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