Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trip To Austin: Part Two

After traveling Thursday and going to several events, we were worn out Saturday and had a nice relaxing day at the hotel. We ordered a pizza and everyone hung out in Trey's parent's room. The wedding was at 7 so we had plenty of time to lounge around. We finally got a little pep in our step and got ready. Austin is so humid and it was hot, so I was thinking my hair would look a mess, but I was so happy that I was actually having a good hair day! Don't you love when that happens? I usually have the best hair days when I am at home and no one is going to see me!

I used this weekend to take several photos of all of us together. It is so hard to get one of the three of us!

The wedding was at the Bar Mansion in Austin, which is a really old house and Ella just loved climbing the stairs. Yes, we were very close by supervising (as in one step below). My two loves. I love this picture!!

My sweet thang and me. I LOVED my necklace. My mom came in town the day before and I had asked her to bring her pearls, but she forgot, so we went shopping for a necklace and this was exactly what I wanted. I love when that happens!Raelyn needed a little something to eat before it was ceremony time. Family pic!The wedding was short and sweet and thank goodness because it was outside. The reception was indoors, we all would have melted otherwise!The flowers were so pretty. Miss Ella was anywhere and everywhere running and climbing on everything and looking precious while she was doing it. She was a hit!

The food was very good too. Ella ate more than her fair share.
Raelyn and Ella were both so tired, but luckily Raelyn had no trouble going to sleep.

Ella did however so she danced with her Grandma.
Trey and his brother were both best men, so they both toasted their little brother. Trey is NOT a public speaker so we practiced and rehearsed and he did so good! I was so proud of him and he got a laugh out of everyone!!

Ella's sweet Grandad pushed her in the stroller for a while and she finally went to sleep. He continued pushing her for the next hour or so and every time I would check on her I would ask if he wanted me to do it instead and he would say "No, I am having fun, you go have fun". It was so nice to have him around because he paid so much attention to her and helped us out so much!

We had such a good time and were so worn out by the time we got home. Trey said he needed Monday off to rest...little did we know he was going to get that and more. More on that tomorrow.

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