Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Momma

The last three weeks I have spent a lot of time with my Mom. She is a high school teacher so she is off for the summer. The first time she came to Dallas to keep Hunter for me one day so Trey, Ella and I could leave to go to Austin for Zachary's wedding. She came down on Wednesday and hung out with me and the babies. She went home and came back only a few days later so we could go look at wood floors for her house. She went home and came back two days to watch the babies for me so I could go take pictures of a sweet new baby girl. (You will get to see those later).

She has spent a lot of time with us and she has enjoyed loving on her grandbabies and I have really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with her. Getting these three to pose for a picture is next to impossible!!! It sure was fun trying though. She got Ella this little swimming pool and Ella just loves it!The first night I decided to fill it up, thinking that the next day it would be nice and warm. Well, miss thang decided to jump in, clothes and all while I was filling it up, so we stripped her down and in she went. She was just splishing and splashing and LOVES her pool. I can't keep her out of it!
The last time she came in Ella and I drove her back and have been in Wichita for a few days now. I have been helping Mom take up carpet and tiled and boy are we TIRED!! Ella has spent a lot of time with her other Grandparents during the day while we are working. She is enjoying being spoiled rotten with all these grandparents around!!

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