Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Say No!

I have been working hard these last three days pulling up carpet, tile, and linoleum. And when I say working hard, I mean blisters, bruises, scrapes, and horrible back pain. My parents are having hardwood floors put in throughout their house and of course I volunteered to help my Mom get all the existing flooring up. Yes, I am crazy! We have been working from the time we get up until about 9:30 or 10:00 every night. Last night we weren't finished until 11:00 and of course this morning Ella decided she wanted to wake up early. At 7:15 I heard a soft sweet voice calling me from across the room saying "Momma...Momma...". Oh boy, that was an early wake up call. She gave me a sugar (kiss) though and everything was better.

Since our experience has been SO fun, I decided to take a few pictures so y'all wouldn't feel left out! My Mom ran the hammer drill to get up the tile. She is a pro!

I ran this machine to scrap up the linoleum and my arms are so sore today from pushing it so hard. After three days we are just about done. I am going to lay tile in their laundry room tomorrow morning. We will see how that goes!!

What I have learned in the past three days is, the next time my Mom asks me to come help her around the house...Just say NO!!


Random Rodriguez Ramblings said...

Nick and I are wanting to get hardwood floors but good thing we have carpet, that seems a heck of a lot easier than the tile machine your mom is using. We have friend who is going to help us lay the wood but I plan on being the food coordinator, that is my way of just saying no.

The Richardson's said...

HAHAHAA! I didn't even know they made that giant machine! Bring it to my new place! Times when I see things like makes me so happy I'm not a contractor. HAHA GOOD JOB!