Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just In Case You Ever Wonder

Ella has always loved to read books. If she is ever having a crabby day or even if I just need a break to relax, we will read a book. It is fun now that she has a big girl bed to climb into bed with her and read to her. She always puts her head on my shoulder and I always have her full attention.

I enjoy reading to her. I love reading Christian books to her and telling her how much Jesus loves her. About a year ago I was at Mardels looking for books and found the book "Just In Case You Ever Wonder" by Max Lucado on the clearance shelf. I knew at that time it was a little too long for her attention span, but we have started reading it a lot lately.

Max wrote it to his daughters so the book is about just how much he loves them, but that God loves them more. I love it! I will confess though it is very hard for me to read without getting teary-eyed, even after the 50th time reading it. At the end it talk about Heaven and how one day they will be there together forever, that is the part that gets me every time!! If you have a kiddo I would really suggest it. It is just so sweet! 

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Kati said...

Ahh, I'll have to get that!