Monday, March 28, 2011


Ella got a sandbox while we were in Wichita for Spring Break and one of the first things we did was set it up for her to play with. It has been a great source of entertainment!! We usually wake up in the mornings and watch a cartoon and then she says "play in sandbox". Thankfully it has been so nice outside and I have really enjoyed spending time outside.

She does have a hard time keeping the sand in the box, but she is getting better. She just loves to throw it!
On a side note, her hair is getting so long! It does look a little crazy here, but we had been playing hard for quite a while. And yes, she is wearing her pajama shirt because it was the morning. Trey mowed the yard while we played.

I like to call this next collage "don't eat sand". Ella wasn't aware of this rule when she put a little in her mouth. She soon discovered it was not tasty and it is really hard to get out of your mouth. She has not eaten any since!

She plays in the sand and usually wants to wash her hands about 10 minutes later. Then we go inside for about 20 minutes and it is back outside again to play and repeat. I think she really just likes the water hose.

She is so much fun. I am really loving this age. She is full of funny comments and gestures that keep me entertained!

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@Dayngr said...

Great photos! She's a doll!