Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth Of July

Every year our Sunday school teachers have a July 4th party at their house. They have a gorgeous house on an acre lot so there is plenty of room for the little kids to run around and the big kids to do fireworks because it is outside the city limits. We have the most amazing Sunday school teachers and a great group of people in our class. Last year we were one of only a handful of couple with kids and this year those without kids were in the minority! What a difference a year makes!

My girls got all dressed up in their red, white, and blue. Ella was so excited because she got to hold Layla. I don't think Layla was as excited!

Just after this picture was taken Trey got up off the swing and got stung by a wasp. Then we discovered there was a nest on the back of the swing. Praise the Lord none of the little ones who had been sitting on the swing all night got stung. And poor Trey, he seems to always be the one that stuff happens to.

These are the new babies in the class. There will be three more in the next few months, so we are a growing class! From left to right, Mallory, Liam, Katie, and Layla. I love that all the girls have on their big red bows. I did not get the memo that the bow was suppose to be on the other side of Layla's head though!

We had a great time! last year we stayed out much later, but Layla was fading fast so we left the party around 9:30. She was so good though and Ella of course was sweet and sassy as always!

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The Richardson's said...

Those girls are SO stinkin cute!