Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Dad

One of my Dad's hobbies is making knives. For years, well as long as I can remember, my Dad has made them. He made me one when I was little, of course he didn't sharpen the blade. Apparently I used it to try and cut concrete so my Dad took it away and put it in a safe place for keeping until I was old enough to have it and not to try and cut concrete again. Well, apparently it was a very safe place because to this day he still can not find it.

I have watched him make knife after knife after knife. I always wanted another one, so I finally gave him a hard time about everyone he has ever known having one except for his youngest daughter and asked him to make me one. I picked out my handle material. A year later I checked to see how his progress was coming. I had seen him start and finish multiple knives in that time. Another year passed and again I checked on his progress, still nothing! Well, another year later and I am happy to report I finally have my knife.

I love it and I believe it is the prettiest knife I have seen my Dad make. Of course I wanted a specific material for my handle and blade, but Dad went above and beyond and made it extra fancy for me. What can I say, after 28 years the man knows me!

Isn't this beautiful?

I even got my name on it. He always puts his name on it and a bear, that is his nickname.

My Dad works so hard on these and is so meticulous. He does not sell them, he gives them away to the special people in his life. He is a man that feels blessed to be able to make them and give them away. Yes it is a beautiful knife, but for me it is even more special because my Dad made it for me. I will always have it and always know how hard he worked on it to get it just right for one picky customer! Thanks Dad!!!

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