Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A New Nephew

Friday my newest nephew, Heath Robert Jones, was born. Me and the girls met my Mom, Dad, sister and other nephew Caleb at Olive Garden for lunch before heading to the hospital. Ella LOVES Caleb, so she was so excited to see him and they were both bouncing off the walls. Praise the Lord we were tucked in a corner or we might have been asked to leave!

We went to the hospital and waited and waited and waited some more. The hospital she delivered at is under a lot of construction so it was very confusing and they had the big waiting room blocked off, so we were in a tiny room with three kids, Hunter joined us there, and there were three other couples already in the room so it was PACKED and NOISY! Finally we got the see baby Heath through the window in the nursery for about 3 minutes and then it was back to the waiting room. He got to visit Jennie, but decided we would come back the next day to see Heath.

Saturday my Mom, the girls and I headed back to the hospital and this time we got to see him and hold him! He looks just like his big brother when he was born. Mom holding Heath. Ella had to get in the picture with her Granny. After all, it is HER Granny and she doesn't really like to share her!

So sweet!

Mom stayed with us Friday night and Saturday night and Dad came to pick her up on Sunday. Ella was very sad to see her go, so was I. It is so nice having her here because I know Ella is just crazy about her and I know she is getting the attention she hasn't been getting when it is just me. 

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