Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Weekend Out Of Town

Thursday night I got a call from my brother telling us he was going to go to Wichita to do a little hunting and as soon as Trey heard he decided we were going to go too. So, Trey took off a little early on Friday afternoon and we headed to see my Mom. The boys weren't there for too long before they headed out to go hunting, so the girls and Hunter hung out at the house.
Ella is standing up and walking holding on to the furniture, so Trey and I got her this cute little lion. I figured it would help her be more mobile and not have to always be next to the furniture to stand up or walk. She loved it! I am pretty sure Joanna's daughter has this little lion and loves it too.
However her favorite toy is my Mom's Pomeranian, Greta. Greta used to be my puppy and lived with me in Lubbock when I went to Tech, but my mom took a liking to her when I was home one Summer and Greta became my Mom's dog. I think Ella just wanted to get a big handful of fluffy fur and pull because it looked sooo tempting. I also think that when our sweet baby girl can talk we are going to be hearing those little words that I really do dread hearing "Can I have a puppy?" And I dread hearing them because I know I will ive in to her desires and get her one and it will become my dog that I have to clean up after. (Just like I did to my parents several times even though at the time I SWORE I would take care of it) Now, don't get me wrong...I like dogs. I just think they are a lot of responsibility and really it is like having another kid, but I would rather have another kid. I wouldn't get upset if Ella peed in the floor, but I would at a dog!

Another thing Ella wanted to get a hold of...Hunter! Unfortunately I have seen the way she handles her baby doll, so until she quits banging her babies head against the floor, she is getting any where near Hunter. I don't think my Mom would have wanted to share Hunter anyways. She was holding him every chance she got and I mean, can you blame her?? Doesn't he look like he is puckering up for a kiss? Haha! And see that Texas Tech burp cloth on my Mom's shoulder. She made that for one of Jennie's baby showers, along with about 12 others. Isn't it cute?

Jennie, Mom, and I went shopping Saturday morning and bought Hunter and Ella some new clothes and Ella got the cutest little coat that I am pretty sure she will be modeling for Christmas pictures this year. I can't wait!!

On Sunday before we headed out Mom and I made a quick trip to the store to pick up some stuff to make her a wreath. I sent her the picture of the one I made for our house and she wanted one. I did make it a little different since I went to a different store to buy the stuff, but this one is more my Mom's style.

Isn't it cute? I LOVE FALL!!!! Tomorrow my sister in law Jennie is coming over and we are going to make her one too. Plus, I need to buy some more decorations for my house so I am looking forward to the shopping adventure. Hopefully I will find some cute stuff.

By the way, guess who turned 9 months old today????? Yep, you guessed it, Ella! Wow! We are going to the doctor on Thursday for a well baby visit and I will post her height (tall) weight (heavy) and any other stuff we find out. And yes, there will be a long post about where the time has gone...of course! =)


The Veals said...

Dont you just love that lion. Jaina used hers a bunch before she started walking, I highly recommend it for any baby. But that lions laugh will drive you crazy after a while, lol. I am so glad yall got Ella one.If we lived next to each other they could ride together side by side with there lions:)

April said...

YAY! FUn time with the family! Adorable wreath by the way!

I bought Jax that same lion about two months ago. HE LOVES it! Great buy! Good sturdy walker compared to the others out there.

And yeah, that lion "roar" is quite funny and pathetic :)

Kyle and Jennie said...

I put my wreath on the door and it looks fabulous. I will post pics soon of it!!! Had sucha great time with you and Ella!